QC Equipments

Keep Upgrade and Make Good Quality

Precision production and strict quality control means that the geometric tolerance of Fui Jet products can reach 1μ. Our excellent work attitude allowed us to pass the British UKAS ISO9001 international certification and the TS16949 automotive part international standard. We have comprehensive test equipment, including sphericity gauge, 2D projector, 3D test machine, surface roughness tester, concentricity gauge, electronic height gauge, hardness tester, various external and internal measuring devices, and precision laser diameter measuring instrument (accuracy of 0.0001 mm). Good quality management system guarantees customers’ peace of mind and is an important reason why Fui Jet Tech has won the recognition of customers.

2-1.jpg QC DEPT.

2-2.jpg Profiler

2-3.jpg Profiler

2-4.jpg 3D Test Machine x2set

2-5.jpg 3D Test Machine

2-6.jpg 3D Test Machine

2-7.jpg 2D Projector & Profiler

2-8.jpg 2D Projector & Profiler

2-9.jpg 2D Projector & Profiler

2-10.jpg Sphericity Gauge

2-11.jpg The Measure Tools